The show will Up and running soon! If all goes well Dec 1.

Show times are New and scheduled for 5:30 PM until 9:30 PM Sunday-Thursday and 5:30PM until 10:30 Friday and Saturday.

Shows should begin December 1st and continue through New years eve December 31.


In years past, we ran a little later schedule during school nights. This year we are trying to save some electrical cost. Also our hours are early because we have young children who can't sleep if the lights are going BLINKY-BLINKY. We also have a lot of friendly neighbors and would like to keep them friendly, if you know what I mean... I don't mind being the crazy Christmas light guy but I don't want to become the #$@^$%*# Christmas light guy. This schedule is tentative and we may change the times to conserve electricity (a.k.a. Electric bill). Last year we actually extended the times later if there were lots of visitors. This was especially true on Christmas Eve and Christmas night. We ran Christmas Eve until midnight and still had to shut down with people viewing. Sorry..............


Same as always we are asking that everyone who visits :

-Please be on your best behavior.

-When you park in front of the house tune in your radio to 88.5 FM and listen to your radio, but don't blare it. Turn your headlights off to make viewing better for everyone but leave your parking lights on so others know your watching, and stay in your vehicles. There is a couple of miles of extension cords in our little front yard to trip on.

- Please don't park in or in front of our neighbors driveways, and politely let them into or out of their driveways or parking spots when needed.

-Also we have a very narrow street please leave room for emergency vehicles and others to get through.

-Last but not least be careful when coming and going people will be arriving and leaving throughout the show we don't want any injuries or accidents.