SpiderwebFor 2006 we decorated the house with some interesting hand made items. The biggest was the spider web. We made it from 900 feet of nylon mason twine and super glue. It was made the same way a spider makes it's web. Starting with the main supports and then the spiral. As the spiral was made it was knotted to each support line then superglued. It ended up being 25' in diameter.

SpiderA 25' spider web needs a big spider. So I hand carved from blue styrofoam the body. Then painted it with black latex house paint and made legs out of 3/4" and 1/2" PVC. The eyes are made from the cheap toys in the supermarket gumball machine containers. The cap was removed then inlayed into the foam. to back them I use 3M reflective tape so when you shine it with a flashlight it looks like real eyes. Then I added LEDs to all 8 eyes to make them glow red.

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