2005 House 3 For 2005 we had a total of 25,100 lights on our house for Christmas. We used icicle lights on the eves, all the way around the front and sides of the roof. The next thing we did was cover the roof with about 5,000 lights using 100 ct. strings of lights.

2005 House 3 The flying Santa was put up next . All of the roof work took about 10 hours. The 4,800 lights on the front of the house were hung from under the overhang on a steel cable. They were held on with wireties and then staked to the ground with wire stakes. The windows have cup hooks installed at each of the corners and midpoints where the mullions are. This makes putting up the lights very easy. Each window has 200 lights.

2005 Tree The tree in front of the house, which had 5,000 lights was mostly decorated by my kids who still like getting dizzy:) Although I had to do some of the wrapping because they are too short...

Megatree The Christmas tree in the front yard (some call these megatrees) is made from a piece of PVC pipe, wire stakes and a 1,600 lights. We ended up getting on Channel 4 11:00 news. It was a quick spot but we made it!