<div align="center" class="style1">Halloween 2010</div>

Front Yard

Halloween 2010 was a lot of fun. I was my usual Pirate. We added a talking Jack-O Lantern face to one of the bushes. The flames worked out ok except for a few times the wind blew out the pilot lights. We handed out about 250 pieces of candy one per trick or treater. That's a lot of people! We did have some 40 year old trick or treaters looking for free handouts which disappointed me.



The Flying Crank Ghost Had a friend! My mom "Nana" came to visit us for Halloween! It was great seeing her and our kids thought it was real cool that she dressed up as a ghost!

flying crank ghost

My mom used to do macrame years ago. I remembered that when it came time to make some Jack-O-Lantern hangers! they worked out great. some of them were 12' long! Once Again I made some unusual looking faces.

Hanging JackOLantern

Jack 1

Jack 5
















This is what happens to a JAck O Lantern after one night in the Flaming Tower of Jack O Lanterns




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