2006 House For 2006 there was a total of 20,100 lights on the house for Christmas. This was the first year for computer control. With four, sixteen channel, control boards from Light-O-Rama there was magic on Robert St.With 64 channels of control the house danced to the music of 8 songs. The songs were a mostly from Christmas albums except one Duelling banjos.

Here are links to videos. I'll apologize now for the poor quality I'm still trying to find the best way to capture video of the sequences. The blinking lights freak out my video camera.

Duelling banjos ( Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs)

Twelve days of Christmas (Gary Hoey)

A Mad Russian's Christmas (Trans Siberian Orchestra)

Deck the Halls

Auld Lang Syne (Gary Hoey)

A Star to Follow (Trans Siberian Orchestra)

Jingle Bell Rock

Let it Snow



This is a video of our house on the local news.



Cubicle Mid December it was announced in our company that we would be having a workspace decorating contest. I felt a little out of sorts, and needed to give a little message in the best way I knew how. I just had to push things a little farther than a normal sane person would :) So I used one of the 16 channel controllers and went a little beyond the limit. I got a few frowns from management and a few people just shook their heads, almost everyone knew it was coming. I was getting sick of the pre Christmas rush to get everything shipped out the door.

Cubicle stockings I brought in some stockings for the inside of my cube. My whole cube was made to look like a little house. With Mr & Mrs Clause out front and 1500 lights for the roof and outline.

Cubicle Tree I even bought a small real tree. It has 70 LED lights and a star on top.

In case you haven't noticed I covered everything in HOHOHO paper 70 yards worth. I even covered the monitor keyboard and mouse.

Cubicle Home Sweet Home Even the ceiling got covered. I made this sign and hung mistletoe under it. Under the mistletoe I had a box of Hersey candy cane kisses. Those are the best I think I ate a bag of them all myself.

Cubicle Saying Part of my bad attitude at the time was shown by the saying of the week that I put on my whiteboard.

Nothing is more discouraging than unappreciated sarcasam...

It's so true...