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Front Yard

Halloween 2009 was a success. We added our (FToJoL) Flaming Tower Of Jack-O-Lanterns to The Patch this year. Our pumpkin patch was smaller due to the fact that my supplier had major growing issues this year. So I ended up getting them from the BJ Farm store near Temperance, Michigan. It is a great place to pick up pumpkins at a very reasonable price and they had a huge selection!!! I always try to find unusual looking shapes, and textures. They had plenty to choose from. They also have great super helpful and friendly people there to help. The other issue we had to over come was the weather. It was just right as far as the temperature and the precipitation goes, however the wind was frustrating at best. We had 25-35 MPH winds for both the night before Halloween and Halloween itself. This made it very hard if not impossible for the show to run properly with the flames.

FToJ The Patch

We got some video this year. It's not the greatest video but it shows how things looked. Although it's much better in person!

The Devil went down to Georgia 320X240 Flames start 1/3 through

The Devil went down to Georgia 720X480 Flames start 1/3 through

Monster Mash 320X240

Monster Mash 720X480

Ghost Busters 320X240

Ghost Busters 720X480

This Is Halloween 320X240

This Is Halloween 720X480


We moved the Flying Crank Ghost to the front porch so he was easier to see. It looked much better there than in the living room behind the boarded up window. It looks a little sideways because the wind was blowing about 25MPH on Halloween night...

flying crank ghost flying crank ghost

During the summer, a critter of some type, ate the face of the spider. The foam was all over the place and every LED, in the eyes, was eaten. This is the new face after getting a facectomy...

Spider spider

Eventhough our pumpkin supplies were low this year, we went out of the way to buy some of the most unusual pumpkins we could find.. We looked for weird shapes and textures that would make great Jack-O-Lanters. Short and squatty ones were important to keep them away from the flames. We also had ten that were carved so that the flames would not cook them. The openings in the top were cut much larger than normal to keep this from happening. Jack 1 Jack 2

Jack 3 Jack 4

This pumpkin needed a closeup of the skin. It really looked alien with the green veins...

Jack 5 spidercool pumpkin skin

Jack 6 Jack 7

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